MIDNIGHT RALLY was on Friday night 26th of June. Organized by Swedish Rocker Magnus.
Midnight Rally Flyer

Start from "TRITON COURT"
Midnight Rally IMG_3000

at Finsbury Square in City
Midnight Rally IMG_3003

Johnny on very special Triumph Tiger 90, Magnus on Norton Atras Cafe Racer with incledibly low clip on handle bars, Jeannine motorbird on Triton with 5T engine, Me-Leather Girl Hiroko on Triumph 5T
Midnight Rally IMG_3011

After riding along River Thames, we got to Soho and Jeannine's bike had a little problem with the head light...
Midnight Rally IMG_3012

Where are we?
Midnight Rally IMG_3023

Yes, of course in Bar Italia!
Midnight Rally IMG_3020

This is a very old cafe and it's got nice atmosphere.
Midnight Rally IMG_3025

Met Neal in the Cafe. He rides a nice modern Triumph.
Midnight Rally IMG_3027

Still in Bar Italia?? No...
Midnight Rally IMG_3031

In the famouse bagle shop in Brick Lane.
Midnight Rally IMG_3032

Johnny's T90 used to belong to a member of The Clash... Paul Simon?? I can't remember...
Midnight Rally IMG_3039

Chatting about bikes, eating bagles...
Midnight Rally IMG_3037

Time to go home... it's 1:30am
Midnight Rally IMG_3041

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